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Most Prominent Film Festivals

Film festivals are creative celebrations of film maker’s achievements from throughout the world. It allows lower budget films gain recognition, and broadens our understanding of events going on around the world. Below are some of the most prominent film festivals from around the world!

Raindance Film Festival

The Raindance Film Festival was established in the year 1992 by Elliot Grove and it is considered to be amongst the topmost prominent independent film festivals in the world. The operation of the festival spans over several cities in the world with popular locations such as Brussels, Los Angeles, Budapest, Berlin, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Toronto and London. The highlight of the festival is the screening and showcase of short films as well as feature films from different parts of the world.

San Francisco International Film Festival

Simply going by the use of “international” in the name of the festival, it is safe to say this is one film festival that makes efforts to ensure the involvement of different countries from around the world. The San Francisco International Film Festival was founded by Irving Levin in the year 1957 and has experienced a long run since then.

The festival takes place in the United States during the spring period each year for about 2 weeks. Alongside the showcasing of the films is also the presentation of various awards and plaques of recognitions for things such as Golden Gate award and New Directors award.

Melbourne International Film Festival

This festival is not only big within its host city of Australia but also covers a majority of the Australian and Asian continents. Interests from avid film lovers are generated by the film festival owing to the fact that it is one of the oldest film festivals.

The first Melbourne International Film Festival took place in the year 1952 and it has been on-going ever since. Awards are also side attractions of this festival and the cover categories such as BBC Knowledge Award for Best Documentary Short Film, Holmesglen Award for Best Animation Short Film, People’s Choice Award for Best Feature etc.

Berlin International Film Festival

The city of Berlin, Germany has played host to the Berlin International Film Festival since its inception in the year 1951. Going by the annual attendance figures that records are kept of, apart from being one of the most popular film festivals, it is also safe to say that the festivals holds the record for being the most attended film festival in the world. Awards like Golden Bear and Silver Bear are given out to films. The festival in the past was not held on an annual basis until the year 1978.

Hong Kong International Film Festival

The Hong Kong International Film Festival is recognized as the place individuals go to when promotion or recognition of their work is sought. Founded in the year 1977, the festival later became an independent charitable organization in the year 2005 and several awards and competitions are given out and held respectively to acknowledge the hard work of filmmakers.

The awards and competitions include Humanitarian Awards for Documentaries, The Fresh Wave Short Film Competition, Asian Digital Competition etc. Other than screenings, exhibitions, conferences and seminars are also held to encourage interactions among the participants of the festival.