City Strays

Sunday June 16th @ 1:30 pm › The Clifton Center › 2117 Payne Street

post-screening discussion with director Mike Elsherif

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City Strays Sunday June 16th @ 1:30 pm

Childhood friends, Liza and Elliot, reunite and spend a day together with the mission of finding a lost golden retriever in their hometown. Along the way, the bumbling gumshoes discover unspoken feelings for each other, confront confusion about the current state of their lives, and rekindle a kinship that can only arise in quarter-life crisis commiseration. City Strays examines what it means to feel lost, and the many ways we avoid being found.


MIKE ELSHERIF (director) is a Palestinian-American living in Louisville, KY. He is a graduate of the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking. His short “Red Autumn” was selected in numerous festivals including the Method Film Fest, Indie Grits Film Fest, Next Reel International Film Festival and was the recipient of the prestigious ASC Heritage Award for Cinematography.