Wednesday June 12th @ 7:45pm › The Clifton Center › 2117 Payne Street

post-screening discussion with director Chris Iovenko and producer Tom Thurman

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Gatewood Wednesday June 12th @ 7:45 pm

Gatewood Galbraith a wildcat, pro-Hemp and pro-Marijuana Lexington lawyer began running for the Kentucky Governor’s office in 1991.  Gatewood ran for governor five times before his death in 2012 at the age of 64.  This documentary, which was began in the 1990’s follows him on the campaign trail through bingo halls and barbeques as he attempts to get his unique message out and influence voters.  Although he built up a considerable base of fans and support over the years, Gatewood never held public office. The film shows the challenges that face the outsider candidate in politics and illuminates the unconventional and controversial character of Gatewood Galbraith.


Chris Iovenko (director) grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and then attended Vassar College where he graduated with a BA in English. Iovenko is now a writer and filmmaker in Los Angeles with many feature documentary and narrative film credits. Iovenko’s award-winning dark comedy EASY SIX (Showtime) starred Jim Belushi, was produced by Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity) and marked Iovenko’s feature writing and directing debut.

Iovenko has also published numerous short stories, essays and articles in newspapers, literary journals and magazines such as The New York Times, The Louisville Courier Journal, Open City, The American Voice, Spin and Details Magazine.  “Lucky Streak”, his book of collected short stories, was published by World Audience Publishing.

Tom Thurman (Producer)  is an American filmmaker. Since 1992, he has produced and directed numerous independent documentaries on film, music and literary figures, including Nick Nolte, Warren Oates, Ben Johnson, Harry Crews, Jerry Wexler, Tod Browning, John Ford, Hunter S. Thompson and Sam Peckinpah. As a producer/writer for Kentucky Educational Television in Lexington, Thurman directs documentaries for the series Kentucky Muse, a showcase for artists with Kentucky roots. Programs in this series created by Thurman include In the Garden of Music (about musician Harry Pickens), Picture This (about photographer Julius Friedman) and Crossing Mulholland (about actor Harry Dean Stanton).

He lives in Lexington, Kentucky with his wife (Lynn), and two children: Lucie and Sam.